Ulrich H. Pieper (Hrsg.) | Alois G. Steidel (Hrsg.) | Jochen A. Werner (Hrsg.)


360° Next Generation Healthcare

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Paperback, 165 mm x 240 mm
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ISBN: 978-3-95466-436-8
erscheint ca. Oktober 2019

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XPOMET© Medicinale 2019

As modern healthcare becomes increasingly personalized and data-driven, traditional healthcare is being transformed into a dynamic, multi-layered and highly connected global ecosystem. New players, such as medical entrepreneurs and technology giants like Apple, Amazon, Google and IBM Watson are continuing to expose and challenge the current healthcare market including the big pharma’s by providing innovative digital products and know-how.

Digital health offers both – a suite of new capabilities and a new approaches that unlock health(care) from constraints of time, place, distance and knowledge. It brings entirely new ways to understand and address people and their health needs. That is how XPOMET© Medicinale was born and has been continuously growing as a community-driven platform to inspire every citizen with the latest discoveries and technological know-how and to help healthcare professionals to get in touch and build new collaborative models and products.

In 2019, the XPOMET© Medicinale has become an international festival platform to showcase best practice and highlight trends in global healthcare and forecast future developments in health and tech.

The book provides insights into the implications of future innovations in medicine and healthcare and represents the diversity of the event. It offers a broad collection of the shared knowledge of speakers and contributors of the XPOMET© Medicinale 2019 to inspire our readers with novel ideas, challenges and achievements in health technology implementations in the global healthcare market.

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