Jan B. Brönneke | Jörg F. Debatin | Julia Hagen | Philipp Kircher | Henrik Matthies


How to Launch Digital Health Apps in the German Healthcare System

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Digital Health Care Applications – From Idea to Successful Market Launch

The "prescribable app" has become reality in Germany! Digital health applications (known by their German acronym, DiGA) now have access to 73 million beneficiaries of the statutory health care system in Germany. Pioneering public policy is creating compelling new opportunities for innovation driving digital transformation within the largest European health care market. A great opportunity for many stakeholders – this is where this book comes in!

Written by deep domain experts who helped shape the core DiGA policy framework and its implementation, the book is a streamlined guide to developing and disseminating digital health applications - from concept, to approval, to successful digital product. Designed for DiGA developers in both start-ups and established companies, the necessary steps from ideation to successful market launch are described. Edifying and clearly structured, the DiGA VADEMECUM also provides valuable insights for investors and financial partners from the venture capital and private equity sectors as well as for potential distribution partners from the pharmaceutical and medical technology communities.

Finally, the DiGA VADEMECUM is also an invaluable resource for physicians and therapists who want to learn not only how to prescribe DiGA in a meaningful way, but also how to use digital feedback in the service of delivering better care to patients.

DiGA VADEMECUM - A Must-Have for Digital Leaders in Health Care!
  • from the expert team of the health innovation hub (hih) Germany
  • step by step from development to approval to market launch
  • best practice knowledge for developers, investors, manufacturers and users

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With Contribution of K. Heitmann | E. Oesterhoff | P. Stachwitz | A. Stern

Developers, founders, entrepreneurs and investors in the digital health industry; health professionals in medicine, nursing, psychology and other health professions; decision-makers and stakeholders in politics, the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries; students/lecturers in medicine, nursing, psychology and other health professions as well as health economics, public health; patients, patient organizations

Digital Health; DiGA; Start-up; Digital Health App; Digital Transformation; German Healthcare System; Health Insurance; DiGA-Fast-Track; Marketing; Digital Health Care Products; Data Privacy; GDPR; German Social Code; Pricing