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Ralf Kuhlen (Hrsg.) | Rui P. Moreno (Hrsg.) | Marco Ranieri (Hrsg.) | Andrew Rhodes (Hrsg.)

25 Years of Progress and Innovation in Intensive Care Medicine

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gebunden, 165 mm x 240 mm
502 Seiten
73 S/W Abbildungen, 58 Tabellen
ISBN: 978-3-939069-47-8
erschienen: Oktober 2007

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comprehensive knowledge of 25 years of progress and innovation in intensive care medicine

The European Society of Intensive Care Medicine celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2007. To mark the anniversary ESICM members and guests have contributed to a book, summarising 25 years of progress and innovation in the field of intensive care medicine and highlighting the future expected major issues for the years to come... ; Over 25 years ago, a group of intensive care physicians felt that a European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM) would be helpful as a framework to facilitate research, training and teaching throughout the different countries of Europe and also from further afield.; Accordingly, they founded our Society on 13 May 1982 in the headquarters of the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. Today we have a large society of active members from all the continents in the world and are looking forward to our 20th Annual Congress to be held in Berlin, Germany in October 2007. Thousands of intensive care providers, many of whom are our members, will meet under the motto ‘25 years of progress and innovation’.; On the occasion of these anniversaries it is an honour and a genuine pleasure for us to present this book under the same title: 25 Years of Progress and Innovation in Intensive Care Medicine.
  • highest level: from the top international experts in intensive care medicine
  • up-to-date: overview of the top issues in intensive care medicine
  • current outcomes of health services research

Aus dem Inhalt

General intensive care medicine (Nutrition, Sedation and analgesia in ICU, Acute abdominal crises in the critically ill patient, Acute severe pancreatitis, Acute renal failure, From renal replacement therapy (RRT) to multiple organ support therapy (MOST), Coagulation disturbances in critically ill patients, Catastrophes); Acute respiratory insufficiency and mechanical ventilation (The epidemiology of mechanical ventilation, Acute respiratory distress syndrome, Principles of mechanical ventilation, Ventilator-associated pneumonia, From invasive to non invasive ventilation in patients with COPD exacerbation, Recruiting the lung); Sepsis and infection (Sepsis, Epidemiology of Severe Sepsis, Pathophysiology of septic shock, Antibiotics in the ICU, Early goal-directed therapy in severe sepsis and septic shock, Multidrug resistant infections in the ICU); Cardiac problems in intensive care medicine (Acute coronary syndromes, Acute heart failure, Cardiac arrest);

Circulation (Shock, Monitoring microcirculation, Non-invasive haemodynamic monitoring, Haemodynamic monitoring using the pulmonary artery catheter, Assessing fluid responsiveness in mechanically ventilated patients); Neuro intensive care medicine (Acute Non-traumatic Coma, Brain Trauma); Health services research and outcomes (History of intensive care medicine in Europe, The roles of intensive care societies, Breaking the paradigm: the ICU without walls, Organization of intensive care, Training in intensive care medicine, Nursing and allied health professionals in ESICM, The history and lessons from investigation into the nature and causes of human error in the ICU, The role of information technologies in the ICU, The patient care continuum: From the emergency department to the Intensive Care Unit, Admission and discharge of the critically ill patient, Performance evaluation in the ICU, Principles of risk-adjustment in the critically ill patient, Long-term outcomes after intensive care, Health related quality of life after ICU discharge, Cognitive impairment and critical illness: The immediate and long-term consequences, An alternative to refusing ICU admission of cancer patients); Ethics (Communication with families of dying patients in the ICU, End-of-life care for patients in the Intensive Care Unit)

Die Autoren / Herausgeber

with contributions from: S. Adam, K. Alagappan, P. J. D. Andrews, D. C. Angus, D. Annane, M. Antonelli, E. Azoulay, D. De Backer, H. Barrett, N. Bele, A. Ben Ali, J. Besso, J. Bion, A. Bouglé, A. Bullock, M. De Cal, P. C. Campos, M. Capuzzo, J. Carlet, A. Chalfine, D. Cruz, G. Conti, R. Costa, J. R. Curtis, Y. Donchin, Y. Einav, E. W. Ely, L. L. Emlet, A. Esteban, T. Fassier, N. D. Ferguson, H. Flaatten, F. Frutos-Vivar, D.F. Gaieski, M. Garrouste-Orgeas, H. Gerlach, D. R. Goldhill, C. D. Gomersall, M. Goyal, R. M. Grounds, K. J.Gunnerson, M. L.Gunther, C. P. Heidegger, K. Hillman, C. J. Holliman, C. V. Holthaus, D. T. Huang, J. C. Jackson, A. L. Jardim, M. Joannidis, M. Katz, E. Knobel, F. Lemaire, M. Leone, T. Lisboa, L. Longhi, S. M. Maggiore, J. C. Marshall, C. Martin, L. Mascia, R. G. de Matos, A. Mebazaa, P. G. H. Metnitz, B. Misset, I. Morag, R. P. Moreno, F. Nalesso, B. Nguyen, T. M. Osborn, R. Otero, A. Perel, A.E. Pesaro, F. Philippart, M. R. Pinsky, R. Pirracchio, J. Poelaert, K. H. Polderman, H. Prigent, C. Putensen, V. M. Ranieri, J. Rello, M. Reng, A. Rhodes, E. P. Rivers, J.-A. Romand, C. Ronco, C. Roosens, F. Santoli, B. Schlemmer, K. Sethuraman, R. Sherwin, E. Silva, R. T. C. da Silva, N. Stocchetti, P. M. Suter, A. Tabah, J. Takala, M. Tavares, C. V. M. Teles, G. Thiery, S. Trzeciak, J. Valles, R. M. Venn, A. Verbine, H. Vesely, J.-L. Vincent, J. Wernerman, V. Willems, M. Zanierato and J. Zimmerman

Ärzte und Intensivpflegepersonal in Intensivmedizinischen Abteilungen der Anästhesie sowie operativer Fachdisziplinen; Chefärzte; Oberärzte innerhalb der Intensivmedizin

Intensivmedizin; Anästhesie; Qualitätssicherung; Beatmung; Management in der Intensivmedizin